HiWave Hunt

We hid over $5,000 throughout Manhattan. It’s hidden in HiWave stickers. We placed them on signs, bulletin boards, mailboxes, streetlights, everywhere!  Just tap your phone to these stickers and win a prize! Most of them will give you cash, but we’ve also partnered with restaurants, cafes, consumer brands, and others to offer you free meals, products, and other prizes! Basically – there’s a lot of free shit.

We’ll be releasing clues almost daily on our TikTok and Instagram, so make sure to follow us!


HiWaves aren’t usually used for treasure hunts like this. Normally, we’re a way for people to share contact information.  But we wanted to use this hunt to show people the awesomeness of this new technology called NFC. And that’s why, even if you don’t participate in the hunt or find any money, you can still get a free HiWave sticker!

Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

  • All stickers are outside!
  • There are many hidden stickers without clues too so if you happen to find one, tap away!
  • Not all stickers lead to a venue that’s directly involved so, we encourage you to support these venues but you won’t find any stickers within them and the employees won’t be able to help you on your hunt, so don’t bother them!
  • HiWave stickers are in plain sight! Don’t climb a tree or do something stupid and hurt yourself. You won’t need to do that.

Take a look at our Treasure Hunt Terms and Conditions for official rules.