One Tap Can

Change Your Life

Order your HiWave sticker.
Create your profile.
Tap your HiWave to share.

One Tap Can Change Your Life

Just order your sticker.
Create your profile.
And tap your phone to share.

What is Hiwave?

The assistant you need — and the wingman you deserve.

Just place your HiWave sticker on your phone or your wallet, and let us take care of the rest. With a simple tap, you can exchange any and all of your contact details with anyone you meet – ensuring the smoothest introductions you’ve ever had (unless you’ve met Ryan Reynolds, because that man puts us all to shame).

Plus, your new contact doesn’t need an app or sticker of their own!

How It Works

HiWave Stickers

Get your sticker

(Which is free by the way)

HiWave Profile

Sync it to your phone and create your profile

make sure you choose a good picture!

HiWave Profile

Stick it on your phone and make some connections!

By having people tap your HiWave

Never miss another Connection

Let’s all be honest with ourselves for a moment: we’ve gotten bad at this whole networking thing. We forget to ask for numbers. When we get numbers, we don’t put names with them – and when we do, it’s a first name only, maybe with an emoji next to it (Jamie 🙌). And then the next day, you wonder who “Jamie 🙌” even is!

We’re not even gonna talk about our follow-up game. 

Point is, help is wanted and needed – and it’s on the way, in the form of a stylish little sticker that you put on the back of your phone.

  • No scanning QR codes
  • no typing, no awkward exchanging of details.

The other person instantly has any and all of your contact information. Plus, if they give their details to you with their HiWave, their contact info is stored and organized in your HiWave app – using some very cool smart features. 

Did we mention that it’s free (for a limited time)?

Tune up your Brand

Whether you’re a CEO or a sales associate, representing your company when you network is key – but you don’t need us to tell you that. You may need us to tell you that business cards are…well, antiquated. Politely. From our experience, business cards are thrown out as often as they’re taken out. Having to constantly order and design new ones for your employees is time and money consuming. And do we even need to comment on how easily we forget people’s names – much less where we met them or where they work?

So we decided to do something about it. HiWave is a cost-effective, efficient, and eloquent way to network in a digital age. With your brand-designed HiWave, you can share all of your essential business information with a simple tap – and your new contact doesn’t even need a sticker or app of their own. Plus, anyone who shares their information with you via a HiWave sticker will have their contact stored and organized in your app, using an assortment of smart features that are constantly being added and updated. 

HiWave is your next-gen networking tool for seamless introductions and stylish company representation. By ordering customizable stickers with your company’s logo, you:

  • Significantly lower cost than business cards
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Don’t need to remember business cards for events
  • Increase your follow-up rate
  • Put your company logo on your employees’ phones and wallets, enabling increased brand awareness for your firm wherever they go
  • Swag people will actually use
  • Reduce workflow for your HR; no more employee-specific business cards

You also save money at scale, and help the environment. Do we really need to sell you any more? Create your own sticker by clicking the button below or email us at [email protected] for a custom quote if your order is greater than 25 HiWaves.


Is your product for businesses or individuals?

Both! HiWave is for everyone. Individuals can order our stickers for free here!  Instead of ordering business cards, companies can purchase customized HiWave stickers that feature their own designs by emailing [email protected].

Where can I get a sticker?

You can order a free HiWave or check out some of our slick, premium designs! You can also order customized HiWave stickers with your own logo or design by emailing us at [email protected]!

How much do stickers cost?

For individuals, our stickers are free! You can get one here!  You can also check out some of our premium stickers.

Brands and other businesses can purchase customized stickers with their own logo or design. Pricing is determined based on the quantity.  Please email us at [email protected] for a free quote.

Do I need to purchase a subscription?

Nope! Once you have a HiWave, you have use of all of it’s features!

Do the HiWave stickers and app work on all phones?

Our stickers will scan on almost all Android phones, as well as recent iPhones (any version released after the iPhone X). The app is compatible with most phones, regardless of make or model.

Why isn’t my HiWave sticker working with my Android?

HiWave uses a technology called Near Field Communication, or NFC. Different Android manufacturers place their NFC readers in different parts of the phone, which may be why you’re having trouble. Most Android phones have their reader on the back center of the phone. To resolve this issue, just follow these short steps:

    1. Go to “Settings” on your phone.
    2. Search “NFC,” and make sure it’s enabled.
    3. Move your sticker across the back of your phone. Wherever the sticker is when you receive a push notification is where your NFC reader is located.
Do I need to download the HiWave app to use the sticker?

To receive contact information from someone else, you DON’T need the HiWave app. When you scan their sticker, their details will automatically pop up in a web browser. Depending on how the sticker owner wants to be contacted, you can add automatically add their number to your contacts, connect with them on social networks, etc…

To share your own information with others using a HiWave sticker, however, you do need to download the app in order to create a profile with the details you want people to see. This profile will then be linked to your sticker.

Do I need a HiWave sticker to use the app?

No! The HiWave app is a better version of your default contact app—no stickers required. It allows you to organize all your contacts by features like location and time added, among others—something your default contacts app cannot do. If you do have a sticker, it seamlessly integrated with the HiWave app.

How long do HiWave stickers last?

HiWave stickers last up to 100,000 taps—that’s a lot of new friends and connections.

What happens to my sticker if I get a new phone?

Once you’ve made a HiWave profile, there’s no limit to the amount of stickers you can link to it. So when you get a new phone, you don’t have to worry about keeping your same old sticker. Simply order a fresh one for free and then connect it to your original profile.

Where should I position my HiWave?

We recommend placing your HiWave on the bottom half of the back of your phone, since this spot is one of the easiest for others to scan.

Do I have to put the HiWave sticker on my phone?

Nope! You can put your HiWave anywhere you want—from your wallet to your laptop screen to your checkout counter (if you’re a business). Your HiWave, your rules. You decide!

What phones are compatible with HiWave?

Any iPhone that came out after the iPhone X are compatible without needing to download an app. For more detailed information on iOs and Android phones, check out our compatibility list.

Why haven't I received my free HiWave yet?

In order to be able to ship a HiWave for free, we have to use good ol’ fashioned snail mail.  We don’t get any tracking code from USPS.  Sometimes it takes them a little while. But rest assured, your HiWave was sent out!

If you think your HiWave got lost in the mail, no biggie! Just submit another order and write in the customer notes that this is a repeat order.  Including your order number is helpful but not required!