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There’s a saying that goes: “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.” While we have no idea where this saying comes from, we do know what it means: take the free sticker, and don’t ask questions. But just to be clear: It really is free! No shipping, no handling. It’s just free.

The color you get will be chosen at random if you get a free sticker. And if you don’t want the free sticker, feel free (get it?) to grab one of our slick premade designs.

HiWave makes it unbelievably easy to remember new contacts and share your info with anyone you meet. In a time when we’re supposed to be “more connected than ever,” things have been feeling pretty distant, to be honest. Let’s reconnect – in person.

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Classic Blue HiWave

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Black HiWave

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Hot Pink HiWave

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